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HDT+BDT Mixing Guide: Combining Botanically-Derived Terpenes and Hemp-Derived Terpenes


Use the Abstrax Tech HDT+BDT Mixing Guide to combine botanically-derived and hemp-derived terpenes for novel flavor and aroma combinations.

You’re probably well aware that hemp-derived terpenes (HDTs) are extracted from hemp plants, botanically-derived terpenes (BDTs) are derived from other botanical sources, and both can be infused into various products. This lets you wow customers with aromas, flavors, and sensorial effects they can’t get anywhere else. The end.

Well… that’s actually just the beginning.

Hemp-derived terpenes and botanically-derived terpenes have unique aromatic properties. For example, HDTs have dank earthy base notes, while some BDTs have high-potency fruity dessert flavors. There are also BDTs with cannasulfur compounds that impart the skunkier aromas found in cannabis-derived terpenes (CDTs). 

So, what happens when you combine BDTs and HDTs? You create out-of-this-world aroma combinations that have never been experienced before. Read on for a mixing guide to combining botanically-derived terpenes and hemp-derived terpenes. And stay tuned for the last part if you really want to get weird with it.

And, if you'd like to keep this info on hand, here's a handy-dandy link to our mixing guide: How to Combine HDTs with BDTs.


Hemp-Derived Terpenes | Terplandia | Abstrax Tech

Mixing Cloudburst Series with Hemp-Derived Terpenes

For the perfect fusion of intense sweetness and earthy hemp, you’ll want to combine the blends from our Cloudburst Series with the profiles in our Terplandia Series. 

The botanically-derived blends in our Cloudburst series were engineered to provide maximum flavor. Our chemists faithfully recreated the sweetest, most in-demand fruit and dessert flavors and cranked up the intensity. We’re talking about candy-like Peach Rings, bright Sundrenched Moscato, tropical Pink Guava, and more.

The hemp-derived terpenes in our Terplandia Series are distilled from FRESH (never frozen) live flower within thirty minutes of harvest. That means you not only get the authentic complex terpene profile, but you also get things like flavorants, esters, ketones, heterocycles, thiols, and aldehydes. Why does that matter? You can use our HDTs to add that dank, earthy aroma AND create full-spectrum products.

Interested in combining them? For a hemp-dominant cart, we recommend 93% distillate with 6.3% HDT and 0.7% Cloudburst. For example, Legendary Platinum OG Terplandia and the sweet, citrus of Orange Tsunami Cloudburst will play off each other beautifully while promoting cerebral stimulation and peace.

Conversely, a cart that’s more fruity/dessert-dominant would likely need 93% distillate, 1.4% HDT, and 5.6% Cloudburst. We think Grape Soda Terplandia and Twisted Tropics Cloudburst would create an exquisite combo of berries and citrus. 

Botanically-Derived Terpenes | Cloudburst | Abstrax Tech

Mixing Native Series with Hemp-Derived Terpenes

Yes, hemp-derived terpenes bring deep, earthy base notes. They’re unmistakably dank. However, they don’t always contain the full gassy, skunkyness you expect from cannabis-derived terpenes (CDTs). Fortunately, that’s what our Native Series does best! 

Our Native Series profiles contain cannasulfur compounds that make them taste and smell exactly like the original cannabis material. Basically, it’s like having CDTs without the cannabis. That means both cannabis and non-cannabis products can use Native Series profiles without the legal headache associated with CDTs. Plus, combining them with HDTs creates the gassiest in-your-face aromatics imaginable.

For a more hemp-dominant aroma, you’ll want a cart that’s 93% distillate, 6.3% HDT, and 0.7% Native Series. This will give you those deep earthy, herbal notes associated with hemp and just a touch of gas. For something like this, consider combining the dank, woody aromas of King Louie XIII Native Series with the dank, spicy aroma of Desserts Terplandia. Not only will this double down on their relaxation effects, but the aromas will gain new depth and complexity.

If you want a combination heavier on the skunky and dank side, try 93% distillate, 0.4% HDT, and 6.6% Native Series. Just imagine the aromatic power behind a fusion of Sapphire Kush Diesel Terplandia and Sojay Haze Native Series. All that hazy citrus and pine will create a focus-fueled stimulation unlike any other.

Botanically-Derived Terpenes | Native Series | Abstrax Tech

Mixing Native Series AND Cloudburst Series with Hemp-Derived Terpenes

Still not unique enough? Have a particular flavor, aroma, or sensation that needs something just a little bit MORE? Then feel free to combine profiles and blends from ALL three series. 

Hemp-Dominant Cart

  • 93% distillate
  • 5.6% HDT
  • 0.7% Cloudburst Series
  • 0.7 Native Series

Dank-Dominant Cart

  • 93% distillate
  • 0.7% HDT
  • 0.7% Cloudburst Series
  • 5.6% Native Series

Fruity/Dessert-Dominant Cart

  • 93% distillate
  • 0.7% HDT
  • 4.9% Cloudburst Series
  • 1.4% Native Series

Combine Botanically-Derived Terpenes and Hemp-Derived Terpenes with Abstrax Tech

Seriously, this is just the beginning. The sheer number of flavor and aroma combinations is immense, and we can’t wait to see how you combine our terpenes to create novel products that no one has ever experienced before.

Have questions about combining BDTs and HDTs? Want expert assistance crafting the right aroma, flavor, and effects for your products? That’s what we’re here for. Contact us today, and let’s get weird.

Hemp-Derived Terpene Profiles

Delectably dank and spicy, Desserts serves up all the indulgently sweet aromas of its namesake. Relaxing notes of earthy hemp infuse this confection with a level of sophistication that’s difficult to attain and even harder to resist.

The bass on this blend requires an entirely new sound system. A whisper of citrus cuts through heavy earthy elements, but a distinct haze feel gives Grape Soda an effervescence that’s perfectly balanced by syrupy berries and heady notes of pine.

Legendary Platinum OG is a lesson in mindfulness. Inhale to ground your senses with earthy hemp. Then relax your shoulders and enjoy the playful way notes of floral citrus elevate fresh green herbs. Slowly exhale. Repeat.

In place of in-your-face fuel, Sapphire Kush Diesel reigns with balance and finesse. Refined base notes of earthy hemp and musk create a sense of peace, while a sweet floral melody and a lively spritz of citrus inspire devotion.

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