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The Best Terpenes For Anxiety

If you’re manufacturing products designed to reduce stress and anxiety, you’re seriously missing out if you don’t use terpenes. Read on for more details on the best terpenes for soothing anxiety.

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According to Medical News Today, “Anxiety disorders occur when a person regularly feels disproportionate levels of distress, worry, or fear over an emotional trigger.” These triggers can be a result of increased levels of stress or regret, environmental factors, or even genetics. A person’s brain chemistry, life experiences, or history with addiction and controlled substances can also play a factor. No matter the causing factor, one fact reigns true -- anxiety is no fun for anyone.

Fortunately, there are treatments available for anxiety and terpenes can play a role in this treatment. In some cases, terpenes can even be a major active ingredient. So, keep reading to discover the handful of terpenes that are the most effective at treating anxiety.

The Best Terpenes for Soothing Anxiety

The Best Terpenes for Soothing Anxiety - AbstraxTech

We get it, you’re anxious to get to the goods (see what we did there?). If that’s the case, here’s the short and sweet version of what we’ll be covering today:

  • Terpenes are organic hydrocarbons produced by most plants and are the building blocks of scent and flavor.
  • Beta-caryophyllene is one of the few terpenes that can interact directly with CB2 receptors to help calm anxiety and stress.
  • Limonene is a particularly marketable stress-relieving terpene due to its familiar citrus scent.
  • Linalool is already a mainstay in soothing cosmetics products because of its lavender-like scent and ability to promote relaxation.
  • Myrcene is a particularly popular terpene for its temporary sedative effects.
  • Terpene blends allow you to curate unique scents and flavors while creating powerful soothing effects for your products. 


What Are Terpenes?

Terpenes are organic hydrocarbons produced by most plants. While that may not sound all that exciting, our lives would actually be very different (and less enjoyable) without terpenes. These special molecules are the building blocks of scent and flavor. Without terpenes, oranges wouldn’t smell like oranges and basil wouldn’t smell like basil. Seriously, can you imagine a world without flavor? Because we don’t want to!

If you’ve enjoyed essential oils, then you’ve ALMOST experienced terpenes. Newer technology allows us to refine essential oils and isolate the specific terpenes that make up that oil. Other than making things smell and taste interesting though, terpenes also interact with us.

If you’ve ever noticed that certain scents put you in a better mood or even help you fall asleep faster, that might be due to terpenes! These molecules can influence brain receptors which, consequently, influences different neurotransmitters. The effects can vary from terpene to terpene, but today we’re focusing on terpenes that help soothe anxiety.

While the terpenes below have relaxing properties on their own, they can be even more powerful when blended together. So, buckle up, take notes, and get ready to boost the soothing qualities of your products with the following terpenes. 

Beta-Caryophyllene Calms Anxiety and Stress

Beta-Caryophyllene, or BCP for short, is among the most effective terpenes when it comes to treating anxiety. A study published by Science Direct, which looked at the effects of BCP on treating anxiety in mice, found that this terpene actually is incredibly efficient at calming feelings of anxiety and heavy stress.

The study found that CB2 receptors can be targeted by BCP in the treatment of anxiety and depression in an effective manner.

Beta-Caryophyllene Terpene Isolate - AbstraxTech

The hope is that with further scientific study, the impact of BCP on anxiety and depression disorders can be further monitored and, as the evidence stockpiles, the terpene can be consistently used as a clinical treatment for patients. As a company that offers terpene isolates in their products, you can use this data to inform your customers of the potential benefits of BCP for treating their anxiety.

Limonene Helps Manage Stress That Can Lead to Anxiety

A study published by the National Library of Medicine examined Limonene’s impact on anxiety. They found that d-Limonene is incredibly effective as a treatment agent against high levels of stress, which of course can lead to ongoing anxiety. “These studies show that d-limonene exerts, through its metabolite POH, a significant anti-stress action measurable by behavioral and physiologic parameters under the influence of the nervous system,” said the NLM in the report summary.

Limonene is common in the peels of citrus fruits, among other places, making it a common everyday terpene for anyone who enjoys an orange in the morning or a slice of lemon in their cocktail. Its presence in these fruits makes it among the most marketable of terpene isolates, as well.

Certain terpenes promote a sense of calm and relaxation - AbstraxTech

Linalool Promotes Relaxation and Calmness

Similar to the study on BCP, The US National Library of Medicine released data from a study back in 2010 that documented the effects of linalool in treating anxiety on mice. “Inhaled linalool showed anxiolytic properties in the light/dark test, increased social interaction and decreased aggressive behavior,” the report found. “These results strengthen the suggestion that inhaling linalool rich essential oils can be useful as a mean to attain relaxation and counteract anxiety.”

Linalool has a floral aroma to it that makes it a welcome addition to many over-the-counter beauty products. It is widely used in everyday life, making it an easy terpene isolate for you to incorporate into products and market to your customers.  “The association between the use of aromas and a decrease in anxiety could be a valuable instrument in managing anxiety in an ever increasing anxiogenic daily lifestyle,” said the report summary on the NLM’s website.

Myrcene Has Temporary Sedative Properties

The myrcene that you see in extract form is in its liquid form, and will likely appear yellow if you were to see it extracted and on its own. It is a monoterpene, which for those of you who speak science talk means that the terpene has the molecular formula C₁₀H₁₆. Myrcene can be used as both a sedative and an anti-inflammatory agent, of which the sedative properties are more directly tied with reducing anxiety.

Myrcene is the most prevalent terpene your customers are likely to encounter. You can use this to your advantage by plugging these benefits into your products, adding an additional selling point.

Terpene Blends for Soothing Anxiety

While each of these isolates has soothing properties on their own, when strategically combined they can provide even more anxiolytic and relaxing properties. Take a blend like Blue Milk for example. Its three most abundant terpenes are limonene, myrcene, and beta-caryophyllene, giving it some seriously relaxing properties. Plus, the use of multiple terpenes means you can get creative with the overall flavor and aroma. This particular blend has a creamy, tropical flavor that will keep customers coming back for more.

For something a little less tropical and a little more herbal, a classic blend like Fire OG will do the trick. With similar soothing and uplifting properties, it’s sweet herbal aroma makes it a customer favorite. The bottom line is that blending terpenes creates endless possibilities. 

Fire OG Terpene Blend - AbstraxTech

Terpenes Can Boost the Soothing Qualities of Your Products

We hope this gave you a brief look inside the fascinating world of terpenes, and that you’ll consider using terpenes in your products. We want to remind everyone that our terpenes are cannabis free and 100% legal. However, we do work very hard to isolate the specific terpene profiles of popular strains so that both cannabis consumers and non-cannabis consumers can enjoy and benefit from them.

Don’t forget to follow us for all the latest updates, and feel free to contact us for exclusive terpene formulations.

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