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Get to Know Your Favorite Strain | Rainbow Belts

Discover the aromatic compounds that give Rainbow Belts its fruit-forward candy aroma and peaceful giggle-inducing effects. 

It’s only been around for a few years, but fans of fruit-forward sour candy cultivars are already obsessed with Rainbow Belts. 

Archive Seed Bank, founded by Fletcher "ThaDocta" Watson, bred the original Rainbow Belts as a cross of Zkittlez and Moonbow #75. Since Moonbow is also believed to have Zkittlez genetics, it’s no surprise that ThaDocta’s selective breeding practices resulted in such a high-potency cultivar that locked in those fruity Zkittlez flavors. 

They’ve continued the original line by breeding additional varieties, explaining, “In just a few short years, both lines have won countless water hash and flower competitions, including the Ego Clash hash competition, High Times Cups, and countless regional awards from growers that popped their own seeds and found their own cup winning phenotypes!”

While its heritage is impressive, Rainbow Belts brings its own unique qualities to the flavors, aromas, and sensorial effects it inherited. Read on and discover the aromatic compounds that create the notoriously candy-forward aroma and peaceful yet giggly effects of the Rainbow Belt profile.

Our scientists isolate specific terpenes and aromatic compounds of popular cultivars so they can be enjoyed by both cannabis and non-cannabis consumers.

Rainbow Belt Strain Terpenes tilted right | Abstrax Tech

Rainbow Belts Strain | Terpene Profile

If you’ve been living under a rock for the past few years, you might not know that this cultivar has inherited an unforgettable candy-like flavor and aroma. Once you experience it for yourself, however, you’ll never forget it, and you’ll crave it constantly.

The surprisingly complex combination of sour lime, floral orange, juicy mangoes, and dark cherries has led many people to describe it as tasting “like the rainbow” or like Trix cereal. It’s the unique candy-like florals that really fuel this cultivar's aroma, though.

The crave-worthy aroma of the Rainbow Belt profile is, of course, thanks to various compounds including dominant terpene isolates d-Limonene, Linalool, and beta-Caryophyllene.

While d-Limonene isn’t necessarily the king of citrus we once thought it was (Psst! Read our research on tropicannasulfurs!), it still plays an important role in Rainbow Belt’s iconic sour citrus notes. This isolate is often found in fruits like lemons, limes, grapefruits, oranges, etc.

The beta-Caryophyllene terpene isolate is responsible for the spicy, peppery taste of black pepper and the woodsy smell of clove oil, copaifera oil, basil, hops, oregano, rosemary, and true cinnamon.

Linalool, which is normally found in smaller amounts, lends an alluring floral aroma to the Rainbow Belt profile. On its own, this isolate is reminiscent of lavender, roses, oranges, or even apple blossoms. 

Rainbow Belts Strain | Terplytics 

Our proprietary Terplytics system is the next generation of cannabis analytics. It allows us to deliver the most advanced botanical testing for exploratory research, sensory quantification, strain validation, product development, and consumer insights. It’s also how we developed the Loud Factor and the Exotic Factor.

The Loud Factor quantifies the pungency or “loudness” of a strain. Unlike Total Aromatics by Weight, the Loud Factor assigns scores to individual compounds based on their pungency. This is important for aromatic compounds that are incredibly pungent, even at parts per billion.


The Exotic Factor measures the intensity of exotic flavors and aromas — sweet, fruity, or creamy notes. These profiles span the wide sativa-indica divide, with many being indica-dominant hybrids. The compounds that contribute to these scents are typically esters, alcohols, or aldehydes. 

When selecting samples to create such an exotic profile, we chose to use a rosin sample. Through our research, we’ve found that different cannabis products (resin, rosin, flower, etc.) can have different aroma and flavor properties. To capture the unique fruit aromatics of Rainbow Belts, rosin was ideal for our analysis.

It’s worth noting that our Terplytics numbers don’t have anything to do with quality. A cultivar that has a 100% Haze Factor, for example, isn’t objectively better than a cultivar with a 0% Haze Factor. It just means that one is very hazy, and one isn’t hazy at all.

Rainbow Belt Terpene Profile Effects

While cannabinoids like THC are what actually get you high due to their psychoactive properties, aromatic compounds like terpenes are what dictate specific sensorial effects. That’s why two cultivars with the exact same cannabinoid levels may promote different experiences.

One may inspire you to clean your entire house or attend a social event, while the other may send you straight to sleep. So, if you enjoy the way Rainbow Belts makes you feel, then you can thank the unique combo of cannabinoids and various aromatic compounds.

We hope this isn’t news to you, but terms like indica and sativa don’t technically have anything to do with effects (they refer to plant biology). That being said, the Rainbow Belts cultivar is considered an indica-leaning hybrid. Considering its high Exotic Score, this makes sense.

It’s known for being intensely relaxing, and many consumers also report powerful feelings of euphoria, chattiness, and the inability to hold back the giggles. Continued use will eventually promote body relaxation, so be aware of your consumption if you’re not done for the day. You might end up couchlocked and ready for bed.

Native Series | True-to-Type Rainbow Belt Terpene Profile

Our Native Series is a collection of Advanced Terpene Profiles that taste and smell exactly like the original cannabis material. The best part? Since they’re botanically-sourced, they’re not limited by supply and you can actually afford them.

Want to put your own spin on Rainbow Belt?

Combine Rainbow Belt with other profiles and blends for something your customers won’t find anywhere else. Create novel high-intensity aromatics by mixing it with a Cloudburst blend, or add complex earthy bass notes with the hemp-derived profiles from our Terplandia Series

Contact us today, and send your customers on a dank rainbow-colored ride across the sky.

It is the user’s responsibility to ensure that the conditions and possible uses of the product conform to local laws and regulations where they operate.

Botanically Derived Terpene Profile

Rainbow Belt will send your senses on a dank ride across the sky. The flowery aroma of diesel transforms energetic notes of lemon and lime into something sublime. So buckle up and shift gears into a more peaceful state of mind.

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