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Make Your Distillates Sing With These 5 Classic Terpene Flavors

When you add the right terpenes to your distillate, you take normal cannabis products and experiences and inject them with flavor, power, and personality. If you want to take your distillates to the next level, read on for some powerful recommendations.

Reading Time: 10 minutes

Why You Should Add Terpenes to Your Distillate

As you learn to mix and master your terpenes, you will find many favorite uses for them. One popular application is adding terpenes to distillate, particularly CBD distillate. Adding terpenes to distillate is a much-loved mixing method for many reasons.

Most distillates don’t have much flavor on their own, so adding the right terpenes can greatly significantly enhance the “entourage effect.” Also, since terpenes and CBD distillate are both 100% legal, mixing terpenes and distillate is a safe, cost-effective, and stress-free means of creating delightful products - including muscle rubs, bath oils, skin creams, and more. When you start adding terpenes to distillate, you may be surprised at what you can accomplish.

The Power of Adding Terpenes to Distillate

As cannabis makes inroads to the mainstream and consumers become more interested in its finer points, terpenes have taken on a more central role in the cannabis conversation. Indeed, using the right terpenes is the secret weapon that separates experts from amateurs when it comes to creating excellent cannabis products and experiences.

Whether you’re already a master or you’re just starting out, we recommend adding terpene blends from our new Native Series to your distillate. Why? Because, with the Native Series, we’ve applied our tenacious research, scientific rigor, and unparalleled quality control to isolate and replicate the flavors associated with classic and much-beloved cannabis strains.

If you’ve been involved with cannabis for some time, you know the power of the “gas” aroma for creating an authentic cannabis experience. By adding terpenes from our Native Series to your CBD distillate, you can create blends that delight even the most skeptical of old-school cannabis consumers, and easily convert new ones.

Which terpenes should you start with? That depends on what effects you want to achieve. Here are a few ideas.

Get Powerful Pain Relief With SFV OG

Abstrax Tech | SFV OG Terpene Blend

Hailing straight from the 818, SFV OG represents Southern California’s San Fernando Valley, along with the therapeutic power of sativa. It hits notes of fruity lemon and earthy pine and retains hints of its cousin OG Kush, which lends a grounded authenticity to its relaxing rush.

When you add SFV OG to your CBD distillate, you can turn a simple CBD distillate into an unforgettable mix that will impress old-school consumers and delight and galvanize new ones. It can take your distillate from good to great.

Mix in Cerebral Bliss with King Louie XIII

Abstrax Tech | King Louie XIII Terpene Blend

A little bit of Louie XIII can kickstart a distillate like nothing else can - in a strange and wonderful way.

This heavy regal blend is popular with seasoned chemists and consumers alike. Its earthy pine and wood overtones promote serious, high-octane relaxation, while its familiar and unmistakable cannabis personality turns a CBD distillate into something much more transcendent and memorable.

When you enter the court of Louie XIII, remember that a little goes a long way, making this Native Series mixture an impeccable value.

Satisfy Soul and Spirit with Versatile Gelatti

Abstrax Tech | Gelatti Terpene Blend

The heady, galvanizing flavor of Gelatti can mix well with any number of distillates. A cross between Gelato and Biscotti, its pungent, sugary vibe is powerful and can be what you want it to be.

Our most adept terpene chemists have found Gelatti to be quite versatile and a whole lot of fun to mess around with. When consumers of CBD distillates get a taste of it, they know they’re in expert hands.

Indulge in Sweet Nostalgia with Orange Soda

Abstrax Tech | Orange Soda Terpene Blend

Citrusy, bubbly Orange Soda turns a modest distillate into a sensation you can get sweet on. With a bit of Mandarina, a splash of California Orange, some Sour Diesel for added charisma, and even a drop of Blueberry, Orange Soda helps you create an easygoing evening that’s fun-loving and pleasant for all involved.

Adding Orange Soda to CBD distillates can help you make mixtures that experts, novices, and in-betweeners will love, take note of, and remember well.

With Ghost Train Haze, It’s Next Stop, Profound Town

Abstrax Tech | Ghost Train Haze Terpene Blend

Ghost Train Haze is particularly beloved by the most seasoned connoisseurs of cannabis. When users of your distillates think they’ve seen it all, a touch of Ghost Train Haze will prove them wrong in a wonderful way.

Ghost Train Haze is known for its floral and earthy sweetness and its gentle guidance into the realms of deep relaxation and realization. Added to a distillate, it’s a potent secret weapon that can take a normal experience into the areas of the beautifully sublime or the joyfully ridiculous. It’s a serious classic and a serious delight, and will add instant credibility to the humblest of recipes.

How to Add Terpenes to Your Distillates

Now that you have an idea of what you can accomplish by adding terpenes to your distillates, you may be wondering, “how do I do it?” For those who don’t know, the good news is that the process is rather simple.

  1. Start with the distillate. Put the desired amount of distillate into a beaker.
  2. Heat the distillate to approximately 110° F.
  3. After the oil has reached the desired temperature, add your chosen terpenes.
  4. Mix in the terpenes with a dab tool or similar stirring device.
  5. Don’t overdo it! With strong terpenes from our Native Series, 1 or 2 drops should be more than adequate.
  6. Mix thoroughly for 2-3 minutes.
  7. Leave in a glass jar, sealed overnight, so the terpenes can properly integrate.

Use the Right Terpenes

When you know what you’re doing with your terpenes, it will show in your results. To create your desired and inspired effects, your terpenes must always be stored and refrigerated properly. And make sure you’re using the best products - if you don’t, you won’t know what the right terpenes, used under the right conditions, are truly capable of.

When it comes to buying terpene isolates or premium strains, we recommend shopping with only the most trustworthy names in the business - those who apply their knowledge and appreciation of cannabis, along with scientific discipline and a strong work ethic, to make sure you get only the most useful and flavorful products.

That’s what you get with Abstrax Tech. Check out our new Native Series today.

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