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Blueberry Muffin Terpene Strain Profile | Get to Know Your Favorite Strain

Discover the terpenes that make the Blueberry Muffin terpene strain profile so exotic, enticing, and positively scrumptious.  

Blueberry Muffin is one of those cultivars that actually lives up to its namesake. So, if you’re picturing steaming pastries fresh out of the oven, you’re not too far off. Parents Purple Panty Dropper and Blueberry gave this sweet, exotic cultivar a wealth of flavor that manages to be berry-forward and herbal with tantalizing notes of fresh earth.

What’s more, we’re not exaggerating when we say this is an award-winning cultivar. It’s taken home 1st place in cartridges and BHO at the 2021 Oregon Grower’s Cup, 1st place in the Netherlands in 2019, and it’s garnered multiple wins in The Emerald Cup. Clearly, there’s a lot to like about Blueberry Muffin.

We want to take a moment and remind everyone that we offer botanically-derived, hemp-derived, and cannabis-derived terpenes. We work hard to isolate the specific terpene profiles of popular cultivars so both cannabis and non-cannabis consumers can enjoy and benefit from them. 

Read on and discover the terpenes that create the mouthwatering aroma and inspiring effects of the Blueberry Muffin terpene strain profile.

Blueberry Muffin Terpene Profile | Native Series | Abstrax Tech

Blueberry Muffin Terpene Strain Profile

The Blueberry Muffin terpene profile really is one that has to be experienced firsthand. With an Exotic Score of 100 and a Loud Factor of 65, it manages to create an aroma that’s…well…delicious. There are over 295 different aroma compounds that make up this mouthwatering experience, but the most prominent notes are sweet blueberries, herbs, fresh earth, and a barely-there creamy finish.

Of the hundreds of various aroma compounds, the three most dominant terpene isolates in this profile are beta-Caryophyllene, Cadinene, and beta-Myrcene.

While the sweet berry notes might be what hit you first, spicy beta-Caryophyllene is the most dominant isolate in this terpene profile. This isolate is found in plants like black pepper, cloves, hops, and even cinnamon and contributes to the enjoyable body relaxation Blueberry Muffin can promote.

Unlike beta-Caryophyllene, much less is known about the terpene isolate Cadinene. We will say, however, that it’s also dominant in other exotic cannabis profiles like Candyland and Zen

Lastly, beta-Myrcene gives Blueberry Muffin a much-needed dose of sweet herbaceousness. Found in a wide variety of plants, from mangoes and lemongrass to thyme and basil, its aroma manages to balance extremes. It smells profoundly earthy and woody, but it also has distinct notes of cardamom, fruit, and musk. See what we mean?

While there are many terpenes that make up this complex profile, these three are the main contributors to its unique flavor, aroma, and effects. Speaking of effects…

Blueberry Muffin Terpene Strain Profile Effects

While cannabinoids like THC are responsible for psychoactivity, terpenes are what dictate specific effects. That’s why two cultivars with the exact same cannabinoid levels may promote different experiences. One may promote stimulation and make you want to clean your entire house, while the other may be more sedating and give you couch lock. 

Bottom line? If you love how Blueberry Muffin makes you feel, you can thank the beautiful combination of terpenes and cannabinoids.

While its aroma is undeniably scrumptious, the balanced effects are what make this cultivar a favorite among cannabis consumers. If you use terms like Indica and Sativa, this strain falls into the indica category (although these terms don’t actually have anything to do with a cultivar’s effects).

Blueberry Muffin is both physically sedating and mentally stimulating. Honestly, it’s kind of the best of both worlds. Your body will feel relaxed without couchlock, and your mind will feel inspired without feeling OVER stimulated. 

We recommend it for chill afternoons where you can let your creative juices flow at whatever pace you’re comfortable going. The cerebral effects are more peaceful and inspiring than energizing, but combining that with full-body relaxation (think tingly) makes this one seriously fun experience that’s surprisingly lost-lasting.

How Can YOU Use The Blueberry Muffin Terpene Profile

Since our Native Series profiles are botanically derived, both cannabis and non-cannabis products can be infused with the Blueberry Muffin terpene profile. 

Obviously, infusing a distillate is going to be a winner. With its provocative aroma and unique effects, adding a Blueberry muffin-infused distillate to other products or straight into carts is a cost-effective way to give your consumers something they won’t forget any time soon. 

From there, it just makes sense to add this pastry-like aroma to a wide variety of food and beverage products. We’re thinking seltzers, functional beverages, edibles, and pretty much anything you can think of for snacking.

Plus, you can even put your own unique spin on Blueberry Muffin by combining it with other terpene profiles and blends. You could turn the flavor volume to maximum by fusing it with a Cloudburst blend or add some seriously earthy bass notes with one of the hemp-derived profiles from our Terplandia series.

Native Series Terpene Profiles | Botanically Derived Terpenes | Abstrax Tech

Native Series | True-to-Type Blueberry Muffin Terpene Profile

Our Native Series is a collection of Advanced Terpene Profiles that taste and smell exactly like the original cannabis material. The best part? They’re not limited by supply, they don’t cost your firstborn child, and they’re legal worldwide. 

Interested in infusing a product with our Native Series Blueberry Muffin profile? Contact us today and let’s get started.

Native Series Terpene Profiles

This relaxing profile gives new meaning to the word “exotic.” The luscious aroma of sweet blueberries is woven together with strong herbal notes and fresh earth. Blueberry Muffin is a succulent flavor like no other.

The name sounds cute, but heavy-hitting genetics make Candyland a potent daytime treat. A sweet mixture of citrus and berries provides a delightful mental lift, while light earthy notes instill peace and relaxation.

If tranquility is your destination, Zen will take you there on an invigorating tide of sweet berries. Dank earthy elements ground the flavor, elevate the mind, and instill an energetic sense of harmony found nowhere else.

Terpene Isolates

A prominent terpene produced in trichomes, beta-Caryophyllene is also found in large quantities in traditional medicinal plants like black pepper, black caraway, cloves, basil, oregano, cinnamon, and many others. This is a uniquely spicy terpene. beta-Caryophyllene is a core ingredient of many contemporary spices, fragrances, soaps, and lotions. 


beta-Myrcene is a prevalent terpene in hops, mango, bay leaves, lemongrass, and eucalyptus. The flavor is a strong sweetness with minty balsam and a vegetal leafy feel. 

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