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What Are The Effects of Terpenes?

Discover how terpenes interact with us and learn more about the effects of terpenes.

Terpenes, the organic hydrocarbons produced by most plants, are responsible for the variety of unique aromas and flavors found in nature. Do you like the way roses smell? Are you a fan of herbs like basil or spices like black pepper? It’s likely that terpenes play a big role in the way these plants smell and taste.

Today, state-of-the-art equipment allows us to extract terpenes so they can be used to infuse products with those same flavors and aromas. Additionally, they can also be used to infuse products with sensorial effects.

What do we mean by sensorial effects? If you’ve ever found certain natural scents to be relaxing or energizing, then you already have experience with this. Basically, terpenes interact with us and promote various sensations. Still not sure what that means? Read on and learn more about how terpenes influence us and what their effects are.

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Inspired AI Terp Effects | Abstrax Tech



How Do Terpenes Make You Feel?

Previously, it was believed that certain aromas affected our moods because our olfactory receptors are connected to the parts of our brain that regulate emotion. While that does make a certain amount of sense, it’s a lot more complicated than that.

When we inhale, ingest, or even when terpenes are absorbed through the skin, they interact with various receptors throughout our bodies. Some terpenes can even affect multiple parts of the brain and nervous system at the same time. It’s also important to note that you’ll never encounter a terpene isolate in nature. 

Plants produce many terpene isolates that make up the unique terpene profile of each plant. That means, in nature, you’ll likely be exposed to many different terpenes at one time that all have their own unique properties and effects. It’s the unique ratio of these terpenes that dictates the effects a plant might have.

How Do Terpenes Make You Feel Peaceful?

If a terpene profile is described as promoting feelings of “peace,” it likely means it influences your mood in a positive way without making you feel too relaxed or sedated. Think of it like an emotional pick-me-up. You may have also heard these effects described as “uplifting” or “euphoric.”

Terpene profiles that make you feel peaceful often include d-Limonene. Naturally found in citrus fruits like lemons and oranges, research has found that this isolate may have anti-stress properties and many people find its scent to be mentally invigorating.

Peaceful AI Terp Effects | Abstrax Tech



How Do Terpenes Make You Feel Relaxed?

Terpenes that are “relaxing” are often also described as “calming” or “serene.” If a product is designed for evening use or to help consumers wind down before going to sleep, relaxing terpenes are the way to go. 

These profiles are often dominant in Linalool. If you’ve ever used lavender-scented products to help you relax, then you already have experience with this terpene isolate. It has sedative properties that make it particularly useful for products designed to promote a sense of calm.

Relaxed AI Terp Effects | Abstrax Tech



How Do Terpenes Make You Feel Energized?

This effect should be a no-brainer. Unlike sports drinks or coffee, terpenes that are described as energizing put a certain pep in your step without the aid of sugar or caffeine. Also described as “invigorating” or “stimulating,” these effects often rely on the unique combination of many isolates.

Some terpenes, like d-Limonene, do this by elevating our moods. It’s believed that others, like beta-Caryophyllene, may promote energy by increasing the oxygenation of the brain. Plus, unlike many traditional stimulants, terpenes won’t leave you feeling jittery or anxious.

Energized AI Terp Effects | Abstrax Tech



How Do Terpenes Make You Feel Focused?

While many are under the impression that energy helps with focus, anyone who’s ever tried and failed to study for an exam by ingesting copious amounts of caffeine knows that’s not necessarily true. So, when someone says that certain terpenes make them feel focused, they might mean that they feel “alert” or that they experience heightened “mental clarity.”

Isolates like d-Limonene can contribute to this mental stimulation, but other isolates like Ocimene or Pinene, play an important role in these effects. For example, The British Journal of Pharmacology says Pinene may inhibit acetylcholinesterase. The theory is that when this happens, the molecules that transmit information get extra protection.

Focused AI Terp Effects | Abstrax Tech



Leverage Terpene Effects and Create Products Consumers Love

Honestly, this is just the beginning! Every day we’re learning more about how terpenes influence us and we’re discovering innovative ways that terpenes can be used to infuse products with aroma, flavor, and novel effects. That’s why we’re particularly excited about the research that went into developing our AI Terp Effects.

This line of profiles was crafted using machine learning to create blends specifically formulated and optimized to deliver specific effects. Essentially, the strategy behind our AI Terp Effects was a laser-focused approach to functional products that allows you to create predictable, repeatable, and scalable effects.

Contact us today and let’s talk about how you can use terpenes to infuse your products with specific effects.

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