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Zkittlez Terpene Strain Profile | Get to Know Your Favorite Strain

Discover why Zkittlez is the go-to strain for mellow euphoria, creativity, and candy-like flavor.

Today, we’re giving you a deep dive into the award-winning, taste-bud teasing strain known as Zkittlez. As the name suggests, its flavor is candy-like and cracking open these buds will instantly put a smile on your face. As a cross between Grape Ape, Grapefruit, and a third undisclosed strain, it’s got fruit-forward flavor for daysss. 

Bred by 3rd Gen Family and Terp Hogz, Zkittlez has won the hearts and minds of pretty much everyone who comes across it. It’s won 1st for Best Indica at both the 2015 Cannabis Cups in San Francisco and Michigan and it’s even taken home 1st place at the Emerald Cup in 2016.

Before we jump in too deep, we want to remind everyone that we offer both botanical and cannabis-derived terpenes. We work hard to isolate the specific terpene profiles of popular cannabis strains so both cannabis consumers and non-cannabis consumers can enjoy and benefit from them. 

Read on and discover all the details about this exciting strain and the terpenes that make it so popular.

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Z Original Terpene Blend | Abstrax Tech


Need a quick rundown on this intensely popular strain? No problem!

  • Dominant terpenes Alpha-Humulene, D-Limonene, Beta-Pinene, and Myrcene give Zkittlez a shockingly fruity flavor and aroma. Think sweet berries, crisp tropical citrus, and hints of earth and herbs.
  • The effects of this beautifully balanced hybrid are transformative. The first half of the experience will be euphoric, motivational, and creative. The second half, however, will be much more relaxed, sedated, and you may even experience couch-lock.
  • Our Z Original Terpene Blend would be a phenomenal addition to distillate, beverages, edibles, and a variety of personal care products.

Zkittlez Terpene Profile

Arguably, no strain illustrates the importance of terpenes more than Zkittlez. While it has relatively low THC levels (15%-20%), the effects have made this strain extremely popular. That’s because of terpenes!  

High levels of THC will definitely have a strong psychoactive effect, but without terpenes, you won’t experience a variety of flavors or the subtle nuances of effects that different strains have. It’s the terpenes that determine the overall flavor, aroma, and effects. That’s why some strains make you want to clean your entire house, while others make you want to drool on the couch for hours.

The overall aroma of Zkittlez is shockingly fruity. Think sweet berries, crisp tropical citrus, and hints of earth and herbs. The buds themselves smell very reminiscent of the candy they’re named after, but grinding them releases more sour notes. All of that is thanks to dominant terpenes Alpha-Humulene, D-Limonene, and Myrcene.

The most dominant isolate in this profile is alpha-humulene. If you enjoy hoppy beers, however, you’re probably already familiar with this isolate. Also known as alpha-caryophyllene, it’s found in large quantities in hops (which is why it may remind you of your favorite IPA). It’s also found in plants like coriander and sage and has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. 

D-Limonene plays a huge role in the overall candy-like, tropical flavor. It should come as no surprise that it’s sweet, sour, and found in fruits like lemons, limes, and oranges. It’s one of the most common terpenes in nature and lends Zkittlez effects like mood elevation, mental stimulation, and anti-inflammation.

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Myrcene is found in fruits like mangos, but also in spices like cardamom and herbs like parsley and hops. Its flavor is earthy and fruity with notes of clove. It provides additional tropical flavors while also lending Zkittles more herbal notes as well. Additionally, it lends calming and relaxing effects due to its sedative properties.

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While there are over thirty other isolates that make up this complex blend, these three are some of the main contributors to its unique flavor, aroma, and effects. Speaking of effects…

Zkittlez Strain Effects

In case you’re unaware, something really beautiful happens when you combine terpenes and cannabis. We’ve already covered how THC gets you high and terpenes are responsible for specific effects like creativity, focus, and relaxation. So, if you love the way Zkittlez makes you feel, you can thank terpenes.

Zkittlez is a beautifully balanced hybrid which shouldn’t be a surprise considering it came from Grape Ape (Indica) and Grapefruit (sativa). That being said, it has some of the best effects from both ends of the cannabis spectrum. Plus, this isn’t a creeper strain, meaning the effects are relatively fast-acting.

You might notice pressure around your eyes which quickly evolves into enhanced sensory awareness. This is part of the reason why many users enjoy combining Zkittlez with creative activities. It’s also incredibly uplifting and motivating, making it great for tasks that require focus and concentration. Many Zkittlez lovers describe this feeling as euphoric and time-altering. 

As the high continues, your body will slowly relax and start to feel weighed down. While the first half of these effects are motivating, the second part is associated with couch-lock and sedation. This is a great strain for creativity and focus, but it’s best to get those tasks done early on in your smoke sesh. 

How Can YOU Use Z Original Terpenes

Our botanically sourced Z Original terpene blend is perfect for both cannabis and non-cannabis products. Obviously, combining this blend with cannabinoids will pump up the effects. However, non-cannabis products seeking to promote an uplifting mood that’s still relaxing will greatly benefit from this blend.   

Z Original Terpene Chart | Abstrax Tech

While it’s no surprise that Z Original is a hit in distillate, its flavor and effects make it applicable in several industries. For example, the intensely fruity flavor would be delicious in a wide variety of beverages (spirits, sports drinks, teas, etc.). A beer infused with Z Original terpenes would absolutely hit the spot! 

Personal care products (lotions, moisturizers, hair care, etc.) would benefit from Z Original in several ways. Obviously, the aroma will be an instant hit with consumers. However, terpenes like D-Limonene also provide enhanced skin absorption for maximum effectiveness. So, not only will this terpene blend make your products smell mouthwatering, it can make them more effective as well!

Final Thoughts

We’re also imagining game-changing products like Z Original infused candles, delta-8 products, and MORE! Have a great idea? Contact us today and let’s talk about how to infuse your products with this candy-like, euphoric blend.




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