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Biscotti Terpene Strain Profile | Get to Know Your Favorite Strain

Discover the terpenes that give Biscotti its mouthwatering flavor and unique hybrid effects.

Cookie Family Genetics is to thank for this wildly popular dessert-flavored chemovar. The flavor and aroma of Biscotti, a cross between Gelato #25 and South Florida OG (a.k.a. Triangle Kush), really is reminiscent of the Italian almond biscuit of the same name. This award-winning favorite is known for hybrid effects that are both physically relaxing and mentally stimulating. 

On top of that, in a 2018 interview with High Times, rap legend Twista described some of his favorite strains, but finished by stating, “But Biscotti is the sh*t, it’s the one I have to have.”

Before we jump in too deep, we want to remind everyone that we offer both botanical and cannabis-derived terpenes. We work hard to isolate the specific terpene profiles of popular chemovars so both cannabis consumers and non-cannabis consumers can enjoy and benefit from them. 

Read on and discover the terpenes that make Biscotti such a sweet, craveable treat. 

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Biscotti Terpene Strain Profile | Abstrax Tech


Biscotti Terpene Profile

Biscotti has a flavor and aroma that seriously have to be experienced to be believed. The aroma is incredibly reminiscent of the Italian dessert its named after, with palpable notes of nutty almond with subtle earthy elements. The flavor is just as sweet with hints of spice that lend even stronger “cookie” elements to this chemovar. None of that would be possible, however, without dominant terpenes Beta-Caryophyllene, Alpha-Humulene, Valencene, and Linalool.

Beta-Caryophyllene is responsible for much of the spicy, earthy notes in this aroma and is partially responsible for the potent relaxation effects. Found in black pepper, cloves, hops, and even cinnamon, this isolate is one of the only non-cannabinoids that can activate cannabinoid receptors in the brain. This makes its effects particularly powerful.

Check out the Beta-Caryophyllene Collection

Alpha-Humulene, also known as Alpha-Caryophyllene, is mainly known because it’s one of the biggest contributors to the flavor and aroma of hoppy beers. That’s because it’s found in large quantities in the hops plant. This isolate is also found in plants like sage and coriander.

The terpene isolate Valencene gets its name from Valencia Oranges, but can also be found in grapefruits, tangerines, and nectarines. While you may assume it’s aroma is strictly citrus, it has unique woody notes that add an element of sophistication to its profile. Considering the sweet, savory complexity of Biscotti, it’s not surprising that Valencene plays a pivotal role in its terpene profile.

Linalool is normally found in small amounts, but it lends a sweet, floral aroma to this blend. On its own, this isolate is reminiscent of lavender, roses, oranges, or even apple blossoms. Its powerful sedative qualities are also part of the reason linalool-dense plants are commonly used as sleep aids. In this instance, it lends Biscotti properties that make it relaxing.

While there are over thirty other isolates that make up this complex blend, these four are some of the main contributors to its unique flavor, aroma, and effects. Speaking of effects…

The Biscotti Effect

Something really unique happens when you combine terpenes and cannabis. While THC is psychoactive, it’s terpenes that provide the variety of flavors and effects that different strains have. Even if two different chemovars have the same dominant terpenes, the unique ratios of those terpenes will create separate aromas, flavor, and effects.

That’s why some strains make you want to clean your entire house, while others give you couch-lock. Bottom line? If you love the way Biscotti makes you feel, you can thank the exquisite combination of terpenes and cannabinoids. 

Admittedly, there’s some debate about the overall Biscotti experience, so you’ll ultimately have to be the one to decide. Some say it leaves them drooling on the couch while others claim it helps them power through afternoon to-do lists. Considering its hybrid nature, this isn’t all that surprising.

The general consensus is that the high kicks in quickly starting with more cerebral effects. Stress melts away and a case of goofy giggles may take its place. However, most describe this experience as surprisingly clear-headed and not debilitating. For those who still need to be productive, this is particularly helpful. From there, the relaxing body effects descend from the head and throughout the limbs. 

Overall, the effects are mentally stimulating, relaxing, and while imbibing conservatively will keep you productive, continued use will likely lead to a desire to remain on the couch for the remainder of the day.

How Can YOU Use Biscotti Terpenes

Considering the versatility of effects and the crave-worthy flavor, Biscotti terpenes are applicable in a wide variety of products. Plus, our botanically sourced Biscotti terpene strain profile is perfect for both cannabis and non-cannabis products. Obviously, combining this blend with cannabinoids will pump up the effects. However, non-cannabis products seeking to promote mental stimulation that’s still relaxing will greatly benefit from this blend.

Here are just a few products that would be a good fit for this popular terpene strain profile:

Just imagine! A candle infused with the dessert-like flavor of Biscotti, a mid-day beverage with all of the creative-inducing qualities of Biscotti, and obviously these terpenes would be the perfect addition for a variety of food products. Honestly, the possibilities are endless.

California Compliant Terpenes | Abstrax Tech

Try Biscotti Terpene Strain Profile Today

There’s a good reason this strain is so loved by its fans. The flavor is sweet and unique and the effects are perfect for both daytime and nighttime enjoyment! It just makes sense to infuse products with this terpene strain profile.

Have a product you want to infuse? Contact us and let’s talk about how to infuse your products with Biscotti today.


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