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A customary component in perfumes, deodorants, and household cleaners, this occurring monoterpene is favored for its odor: a sweet combination of lilac, flowers, limes, and a hint of pine. The colorless Alpha-Terpineol is derived from cajuput, pine, and petitgrain oils. 

 Herbal  Citrus  Floral  Woody

    • Name- Alpha-Terpineol
    • Other Names- 2-(4-methyl-3-cyclohexen-1-yl)-2-propanol
    • Sources- Myrtaceous trees, Pine trees, Bitter Orange trees
    • Organoleptics (taste & smell)- Pine-like, resinous, cooling citrus, slightly woody
    • From Naturally Derived Ingredients - Yes 
    • Solvent-Free - Yes
    • Food Grade- Yes
    • Fillers- None