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Geraniol Terpene Isolate

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This terpene makes up a significant part of the essential oil of roses, sandalwood, and geraniums. It has a pleasantly floral, rosy taste that makes it useful in perfume, flavoring, and numerous bath and body products. Despite its enjoyable smell, it can be used as a pesticide against cockroaches, flies, ticks, mosquitoes, etc.

 Floral  Sweet  Rose


Product Details:

  • Name:  Geraniol
  • Other Names:  Ex-Palmarosa
  • Organoleptics:  Floral, citrus, rose
  • Sources:  Roses, geraniums, sandalwood
  • From Naturally Derived Ingredients:  Yes
  • Solvent Free:  Yes
  • Food Grade:  Yes
  • Fillers: None



Purified Geraniol


Regulatory Forms: 

Geraniol - SDS

Geraniol - PDS

Geraniol ABX0001618 - COA

Geraniol ABX0001626 - COA

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