This terpene is extracted from the essential oil of cedar trees. Different species of Cedar grow around the world, utilized by many different societies for antiseptic, and diuretic purposes. Cedrene also plays a role as an expectorant, clearing airways and alleviating toward respiratory issues. There are also antifungal attributes to Cedrene, as it is often used in the treatment of athlete’s foot and ringworm. Commonly found in baked goods, sorbet, and sherbet, this terpene has a medium strength woody aroma with an undercutting sweetness.


    • Name- Alpha-Cedrene, Natural
    • Other Names-
    • Sources- Cedar
    • Organoleptics (taste & smell)- woody with undercutting sweetness
    • Therapeutic Uses - Antiseptic, antifunal, diuretic. 
    • Organic -Yes 
    • Solvent Free- Yes
    • Kosher- Yes
    • Halal- Yes
    • Food Grade- Yes
    • Fillers- None